What our customers are saying

 The (purple chew) tablets are great - they show all the areas they have missed and it makes them easy to do a proper job without me having to take over! Simple to use, enough for all 3 kids to check their teeth each day and I haven't found any problems with it staining their mouths at all

LaLoLi Living

The original retainer case is a great product! We have two boys that play hockey and they love this case. No more searching through their bags. One case will hold two regular or orthopedic type mouth guards securely. The snap lock retainer is very nice and sturdy, it will not open without a little persuasion, doesn’t just pop open on its own. We have another type of case, not sure what brand, but it’s worthless as it constantly popped open on its own, sometimes finding their mouth guard in a skate or glove. This is an excellent product! Highly recommended!